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Hi, I'm Piero Peluche, Italian multi-instrumentalist producer.
I started playing the drums 35 years ago
and I would like to share with you
the presets I use on my Roland™ TD-11 module.
Six of them are freely downloadable below.

The kits are alright!

Contact me for custom kits

(just send me a link or an mp3 sample of the drums sounds you want!)


The NEW Superior Kits containing 6 kits

inspired by the 3rd edition of Superior Drummer!

For your Roland TD-11 module.

Download them at this link:

Here are six FREE kits for your TD-11 module. 
I'm sharing them for free
to let you taste my AMEN Drumkits Packs. 

Presets compatible with the version 1.12 and above of the TD-11 System Program available here:

More than 2020 Downloads!

I am no longer able to count them because of the excessive amount! Thanks everyone!!!

Freebies removed for piracy reason. Some people are intentioned to redistribute and sell them!

Write me if you want them!

Redistribution or resale
is not allowed by copyright laws.

L0-F1 kit for
Available in the new AMEN Drumkits Pack 2
Size : 442 Kb
Type : zip

AMEN L0-F1 01 Drumkit.mp3

LOUD kit for

From the AMEN Drumkits Pack 1
Size : 513.1 Kb
   Type : zip 

Loud Drumkit 01.mp3

REEL kit for

From the AMEN Drumkits Pack 1
Size : 814.3 Kb
Type : zip 

Reel Drumkit 01.mp3

TANK kit for

From the AMEN Drumkits Pack 1
Size: 675.3 Kb
Type : zip

Tank Drumkit 01.mp3

BASS kit for

From the AMEN Drumkits Pack 1
Size : 699.8 Kb
Type : zip

Bass Drumkit 01.mp3

SMALL kit for

From the AMEN Drumkits Pack 1
Size : 658.5 Kb
Type : zip 

Small Drumkit 01.mp3

 Give new drums sticks to Piero.

 Add the Kit files (.TD0) inside the Kit folder.

Aggiungi i file dei Kit (.TD0) nella cartella Kit.


Presets compatible with the version 1.12 and above of the TD-11 System Program available here:

Saving my Drum Kits into a USB Flash Drive:

1.  Connect your USB flash drive to your computer.

2.  Copy the downloaded Drum Kits (.TD0 files) to the Kit folder of your USB flash drive.

Loading a Drum Kit from a USB Flash Drive into the TD-11:

1.  Connect your USB flash drive to the TD-11.

2.  Make sure that the loading-destination drum kit is selected .

3.  In the DRUM KIT screen, press the [MENU] button .The KIT MENU screen will appear.

4.  Press the cursor buttons (▲/▼) or the [MENU] button to scroll the screen, and press the [F3] (SAVE/LOAD) button .

The KIT SAVE/LOAD screen will appear.

5.  Press the [F3] (LOAD) button. The 1 KIT LOAD screen will appear.

6.  Use the cursor buttons (▲/▼) or the value dial to select the drum kit that you want to load.

7.  Press the [F3] (LOAD) button. confirmation screen will appear.

* If you decide to cancel, press the [F1] (CANCEL) button.

8.  Press the [F3] (OK) button .

The drum kit from the USB flash drive will be overwritten onto the drum kit you selected in step 2.

When loading is finished, the screen will indicate “Completed” and return to the DRUM KIT screen.


Presets compatibili con la versione 1.12 o più recente del TD-11 System Program che puoi trovare qui:

Salvare i miei Drum Kits sulla chiavetta USB:

1.  Connetti la tua chiavetta USB al tuo computer.

2.  Copia i Drum Kit scaricati (file .TD0) nella cartella Kit della tua chiavetta USB.

Caricare un Drum Kit dalla chiavetta USB nella tua TD-11:

1.  Connetti la tua chiavetta USB alla TD-11.

2.  Assicurati che il drum kit di destinazione sia selezionato.

3.  Nella pagina DRUM KIT, premi il tasto [MENU]. Apparirà la schermata KIT MENU.

4.  Premi i cursori (▲/▼) o il tasto [MENU] per scorrere lo schermo e premi il tasto [F3] (SAVE/LOAD).

Apparirà la schermata KIT SAVE/LOAD.

5.  Premi il tasto [F3] (LOAD). Apparirà la schermata 1 KIT LOAD.

6.  Usa i cursori (▲/▼) o il controllo rotatorio per selezionare il drum kit che vuoi caricare.

7.  Premi il tasto [F3] (LOAD). Apparirà una schermata di conferma.

* Se decidi di annullare, premi il tasto [F1] (CANCEL).

8.  Premi il tasto [F3] (OK).

Il drum kit che hai selezionato al passo 2 verrà sovrascritto dal nuovo drum kit proveniente dalla chiavetta USB.

Quando il caricamento sarà terminato, lo schermo indicherà "Completed" e tornerà alla schermata DRUM KIT.

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